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  11/28/18 11:44:47 AM

Yield Monitoring:
With the use of Ag Leaders Integra/Edge yield monitoring is made simple and easy.  With the capability to monitor instant moisture and yield you can watch as an on screen map is generated.  A tool that can be very helpful in the fertilizer and liming reccomendations along with giving the farmer a reference on a year to year to year basis to as to why yields are poor in certain areas and what they can do to improve those areas. 

Seed Command:
Are you looking for a way to cut seed costs from over planting along with increasing yield in those over planted areas?  The answer is Ag Leader's seed command with the use of the Integra or Edge monitor along with Ag Leaders Sure Stop of Sure Vac clutch farmers have seen over planting decrease anywhere from 6-12%.  In addition to saving on their input costs customers have seen noticable yield increases in the over plant areas.  Along with point row shut off capabilities the Integra monitor also has planter monitoring, liquid planter control, and variable rate planting capability.

Integra/ Edge Display:
Ag Leader recently introduced the new Integra and Edge monitors, the two most versatile monitors on the market today.  With so many capabilities the sky is the limit.  Along with the release of these monitors Ag Leader introduced its new automated steering solution equipment the Paradyme hydraulic steering and the OnTrac2 steering.  Farmers now have the ability to several different brands of equipment and can talk between them.  The Integra and Edge are capable of running Seed Command, Direct Command dry and liquid operations,  Yield Monitoring, OptRx Nitrogen Crop Sensors.  Along with variable rate capabilities for seed and fertilizer applications.  Finally a monitor that can do all things. 

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