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Foliar Fertilizers Available Now Through MFA  03/19/13 8:11:14 AM

 Nitamin® 30L patented fertilizer was developed for use as a foliar application on crops and turfgrass. The water-soluble liquid is a blend of methylene urea, urea, and triazone that contains 30% nitrogen, of which 60% is slowly available. The remaining 40% is urea, which provides a readily-available nitrogen component. 

To Read more about Nitamin 30L slow release foliar nitrogen go to www.gp.com/plantnutrition

Also available is Sysstem-Ready from Agro K. Sysstem-Ready is a unique, glyphosate compatible, highly systemic foliar zinc/manganese micromutrient that rapily penetrates plant tissue to provide plant available zinc and manganese to developing crops. Sysstem Ready, is designed to be compatible with glyphosate, so growers can save field trips without concern for reduced weed control or nutrient efficacy.

To read more about Sysstem-Ready from Agro K go to www.agro-k.com

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